Sustainability Consulting

Green Business Services

GreenStep has helped over 1600 businesses and organizations to become more environmentally friendly and responsible. Our sustainability consulting services include:

  • Energy assessments to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy costs and reduce environmental impacts
  • Energy efficiency financing through ecobase Certified
  • Apply for utility incentives and rebates
  • Waste audits to reduce waste and meet waste regulations
  • Carbon footprint tracking and measurement to help reduce emissions
  • Carbon software based on international GHG accounting standards (
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Sustainability polices and green action plans
  • Green team training and sustainability manager services
  • Green events
  • Eco friendly certifications such as Green Tourism Certification and B Corp certification
  • Develop and implement utility energy, water and waste conservation programs, municipal transportation demand management programs and environmental education programs for schools and communities.

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Here’s what a few of our customers have to say…

Sysco_Logo.svg“Sysco Kelowna worked with GreenStep between 2008 and 2012. During this time, they helped us to establish a green team, facilitated a series of workshops that led to the creation of a sustainability plan, worked with us on implementing that plan, and helped to identify well over $10,000 in annual cost savings.

Through a local procurement program that GreenStep led, Sysco was able to establish relationships with new local farmers, enabling us to provide even more locally produced food to our customers. Having a well-articulated sustainability strategy was an important part of securing over $1 million in new accounts with institutional buyers.

Investing in sustainability and working with GreenStep not only provided a long term ROI, but also helped to begin a culture shift at Sysco to one where sustainability and efficiency was an important part of the decision making process.” – Rob Cinkant, Former CEO of Sysco Kelowna, now CEO of Sysco Vancouver


Kelowna-Toyota-1024x292“GreenStep worked with us to make a list of ideas and we ended up with many good resolutions. After talking with many of our service providers, we found ways to be much more efficient. Basically every supplier we spoke with wanted to assist in this sustainability initiative, and GreenStep was able to provide a few friendly nudges along the way. 

We had our new LED premises lighting package installed and are very pleased with the brightness and sufficient energy usage reduction. There are many other details, but largely it needs to be said that busy business like ours need a coach, a third party capable company to help with this. We found GreenStep and it’s team to be a most capable, timely, resource driven and passionate group. We would recommend them gladly.”  – Jack Kofoed, Owner



“As mentioned, the results were tremendous…” – Carol Suhan, Manager PowerSense Service


Here are some more benefits our customers have noticed:

  • Boost employee engagement and morale, improving retention and productivity
  • Reduce operating costs and improve efficiency
  • Avoid future increases in cost for energy, water, raw materials and waste management
  • Strengthen reputation and customer loyalty
  • Identify innovative new revenue opportunities,  increase competitiveness and market share
  • Reduced environmental footprint


Contact us for a free consultation 1-800-469-7830 or