Job Opportunities

Calling all eco-heros!  

GreenStep seeks ambitious, hardworking, self-motivated, high energy, enthusiastic team members to join a small but growing company that aims to change the world.

Our goal is to help tens of thousands of small and medium sized businesses throughout North America (and beyond), to understand the business case for sustainability and to implement changes that will measurably reduce their environmental and social impacts, while also helping them to save money, engage their staff and attract new customers who care about responsible business.  

This vision was born when Angela Nagy was 18 years old, working on the Mission Creek Greenway project in Kelowna, BC. Through this work and several other environmentally focused projects in her younger years, Angela did a significant amount of research into the relationship between humankind and the planet. She had also volunteered to build homes for impoverished families in Mexico and for an organization in her home-town working to house and train homeless people. It was during these years that her real passion for changing the world developed, and she decided that this would best be done through becoming a leader in business, politics and music. 

Current Postings


If you are smart, creative and entrepreneurial minded, interning at GreenStep is a fantastic opportunity to build your resume and your real-world experience in a fast-paced environment. GreenStep Solutions is small but growing eco enterprise in Kelowna, BC. We help other businesses to go green with a variety of innovative and unique programs and training opportunities.
We are looking to fill the following intern positions:

Super Amazing Business Intern – FILLED

The person chosen for this position will work directly with the CEO of GreenStep, and will be a fusion of inside sales and marketing, including social media and public relations. This is a great opportunity to build some essential business skills that are transferrable to almost any business or entrepreneurial venture. Duties will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Create original and curated content for blogs, social media and websites
  • Develop a content calendar
  • Assist with creating lead-lists, booking sales meetings and following up with potential customers

Super Geek Web Design Intern

Must be an experienced and amazing design student who knows how to make various web platforms play nice. Your work will directly influence the success of our business. Duties will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Website updates and design
  • Integrating various online platforms
  • Potential for software updates and development

These are great opportunities to build your resume.  Internships are for 6 months, 30+ hours per week. Although these are unpaid internships, if we are successful in achieving our big business goals, there is a good chance they could lead to full time employment

Ideally applicants should be entering into their last year of a 4-year university or should have just graduated at the time of starting the program. Current graduate students are also highly encouraged to apply.

Please send your resume, cover letter and if you want, a video that expresses how much you want to join our team to