Creating Sustainable Value for YOUR Business!

One of the largest mistakes that many businesses make is viewing sustainability as a COST, instead of looking at the VALUE it can provide.


It’s no longer a question of whether your business can afford to go green, its about whether you can afford not to.  So….what is sustainable value, and where does it come from?


Sustainable business practices add value and compliment the four quadrants of the traditional ‘value matrix’: Present Internal, Present External, Future Internal, and Future External Value.


Let’s look at the ways that applying a sustainability lens can boost value in these four quadrants.


Present Internal Value: Sustainable business practices provide present internal value by engaging employees to reduce waste and increase efficiency, which can drastically reduce operating costs and energize your workforce.


Present External Value: Engaging with your value chain to develop product stewardship and sustainably increase the life of your products will increase your business’s reputation and legitimacy.


Future Internal Value: Sustainable business planning drives innovation and can reposition your business, allowing you to identify and develop the products, services, and skills that will be required in a resource-constrained world.


Future External Value: When planning a future path and communicating your vision with stakeholders and clients, a sustainable business defines a clear future path for itself. Achieving a clear sustainability plan facilitates competitive imagination, and clarifies organizational priorities. This, in turn, provides access to new markets and satisfies unmet needs, while increasing operational efficiency.


Using this framework can help you determine where and how your business is best posed to take action and create new value!


Creating sustainable value is our PASSION – schedule a call with us, and let’s work together!


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7 Ways Sustainable Business Saves Your Business Money

Sustainable business – it’s not just the ethical way to do business, it’s the most profitable!


Businesses can improve their profits by 51% up to 81% by developing and implementing a robust, prioritized and strategic sustainability plan.

Below are the 7 key areas where you’re missing out if you don’t have a sustainability plan:

  1. Increased Revenue
  2. Reduced Energy
  3. Reduced Waste
  4. Reduced Materials
  5. Increased Productivity
  6. Reduced Turn-Over
  7. Reduced Risks 
Here’s a FREE calculator that you can use to calculate:


  • How much your business can save on things like energy and waste
  • How much more you can make by positioning your business as one that cares
  • How much you can improve your profits

Don’t hesitate to book a time to chat with us if you want to learn more about how you could start making sustainability work for you and your business!

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The Five-Prong Sustainability Strategy 

Sustainability can feel complicated – the earth is a complex place, and humans are a complex species! Too many businesses’ sustainability strategies involve picking best practices from a list, instead of systematically prioritizing the steps that are right for you and your business.


In this post, I’ll break down a five-part sustainability strategy that can help you cut through the fog and get clarity on your sustainability strategy!


It’s simple!


1. System – First, we have to understand the conditions that provide a healthy and sustainable environment for us to live and work in. What are the limits and rules that govern sustainable living on earth, and how do we stay within those boundaries? What systems does your business operate and exist within?


2. Success – We have to define success – without a definition, you cannot evaluate yourself on your progress or make goals for the future.


3. Strategy – Having a proper sustainability strategy is CRUCIAL! Without a step-by-step plan for how you’re going to achieve success, you’ll be stuck forever on square one.


4. Actions – This is where it all starts to come together! Carefully selecting and carrying out your strategic initiatives is the tofu and potatoes of sustainability – Identify the low hanging fruit, and begin consistently working towards success.


5. Tools – These are often overlooked, but are also extremely important! The proper tools help make your actions more effective and help you understand where you are.


These five steps can help you get perspective when analyzing your organization, picking effective actions, and using your resources effectively!


We use these strategies and more every day with our clients – schedule a call  if you want to talk more about how the five-step strategy could transform your business and profits!

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