Sustainability consulting, training, certifications, and carbon software for business, non-profits and government.


We are experts in sustainability.

GreenStep is a multi-faceted sustainability services company. Through a team of passionate experts, we deliver creative, flexible solutions to meet a wide range of sustainability objectives and challenges. Our services are customized based on a client’s size, sector, goals and budget. To learn more, click the links in the menu above, or contact us.

Our consulting services include:

  • Custom Workshops and Facilitation
  • Custom Best Practices Research
  • Energy, Waste and Water Audits
  • Program Development, Management and Implementation
  • Carbon Footprint Measurement
  • Carbon Offset and Carbon Neutral Advisors
  • Sustainability Charters, Policies, Action Plans and Annual Reports
  • Public Engagement, Communications and Education

Our Customers

GreenStep has worked with more than 1,600 clients since 2008.





GreenStep’s training programs are designed to build capacity and specialized skills within individuals and organizations, helping them in the transition to the green economy.

The programs listed below are offered either in-person and/or online, and can be delivered to a single organization or to multiple organizations as a cohort, coordinated through a business or industry association.

Click on a program to learn more.

FastTrack to Sustainability

Carbon Bust Your Business

How to Conduct A Waste Audit (Coming in 2018)






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